15. June 2013

GeoPilot software powerfull features

C-Astral introduces a new GeoPilot software update with an extensive list of handy new features that will help users get even more out of their Bramor gEO.

Geo Pilot screenshot

- Flight over terrain (ability to map landslides, slopes)

- Terrain collision avoidance notifications added

- StreetDraw (map streets, roads, rivers, pipelines and other curved object automatically - over terrain)

- Open saved flight plans option added - Edit saved flight plans option added

- Flight overshoot compensation added - Flight angle line selection added

- Adjustable or automatic ASL altitude for takeoff/land

- Upload settings notification added

- Menci software support added

- KML export absolute altitude added

- Fast menu interaction buttons added

- Change flight altitude from pixel size added

- Change waypoint numbers by line selection